Boat Models

Fishing boat

A fishing boat customised for fishing adventures. It is designed for minimum sound and has plenty of room for equipment. Rod holders, fishing chairs, chart plotters and sonars are common accessories for sport fishing boats.

Pioner 11 Easy

Basic Price: 3,290 EUR

Pioner 16 Explorer

Basic Price: 9,750 EUR

Pioner 15 Allround

Basic Price: 6,960 EUR

Pioner 14 Fisher

Basic Price: 9,490 EUR

Pioner 14 Active

Basic Price: 5,570 EUR

Pioner Multi III

Basic Price: 15,390 EUR

Pioner 13

Basic Price: 3,970 EUR

Fishing boats of high quality

Recreational fishing like to use a robust sports boat like Pioner 14 Fisher. It is of course possible to use these boats for other activities such as transport and water sports. Fishing boats are available in a number of models, sizes and designs.

The most important thing when choosing a fishing boat is a model that suits your fishing. Deep-sea fishing on the open sea places different demands on the fishing boat than sports fishing on shallower lakes and rivers. The fact that the fishing boat has easy access for angling from all sides, that is easy to manoeuvre, robust and durable makes it easier to fish. The Pioner 14 Fisher is specially designed by anglers and lives up to everything a modern fishing boat needs. Another thing to keep in mind when buying a fishing boat is the size, how many people will it accommodate and how easy it is to pull up onto a trailer or land when needed.