Boat Models


The Dinghy is a small, open boat that you can row or sail. Dinghies are also found in sports such as racing boats. Pioner 8 Mini can be a tender dinghy for a large boat or small ship.

Pioner 11 Easy

Basic Price: 3,290 EUR

Pioner 10 Classic

Basic Price: 2,990 EUR

Pioner 8 Mini

Basic Price: 1,970 EUR

260 Steady by Pioner

Basic Price: 2,090 EUR

Dinghy with many uses

Dinghy is a small boat that is very stable, easy to row and manoeuvre with good seating comfort on a longitudinal seat. With a small engine, it easily gets up to good speed. It is also excellent to have on a trailer.The children’s first boat? A Pioner 8 Mini is a perfect teacher for children who are going to learn boating skills.

There are different types of dinghies:

  • Ship boat

    These are used when large ships are anchored or as a transfer in ports.

  • Competition dinghies

    Boats that are specially designed for high speeds and fast manoeuvring

  • Lifeboats

    Smaller lifeboats stored on board