Boat Models

Console boat

The console is an excellent boat for simple boating that can for example be used for fishing, water sports, smooth transport and pleasure trips. A console boat is a motor boat equipped with a steering wheel on a steering console, windscreen and outboard motor.

Pioner 16 Explorer

Basisprijs​: 16,425 EUR

Pioner 15 Allround

Basisprijs​: 10,475 EUR

Pioner 14 Active

Basisprijs​: 8,585 EUR

Pioner Multi III

Basisprijs​: 23,605 EUR

Pioner 17 Flexi

Basisprijs​: 25,345 EUR

400 Steady by Pioner

Basic Price: 5,230 EUR

Boats with steering console

Pioner has several variants of consoles that can be used for example for water sports, fishing and simple transportation. A robust, flexible and easy-to-manoeuvre boat enables simple boating. Consoles are synonymous with simplicity and are used by both beginners and professionals. Boats with a steering console have many uses.

They are easy to manoeuvre, add to and have an easy-to-handle size. Console boats are usually open boats that are best suited for day trips and various water sports such as water skiing. There is plenty of space in the boat for both passengers and luggage. Console boats are also used as patrol boats by sea rescue and the coast guard. Sometimes they are also called centre console boats.